Last 24 Hours in Morocco

After leaving Chefchaouen, we bussed north to Tangier and had soup in café Hafa, which apparently is where the Beatles used to go. You sit on terraces overlooking the Gibraltar Strait, and can see the lights of Spain across the water. It was too dark for a photo, but a very cool experience. Then, the […]

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I am in love with Chefchaouen. It is easily the most wonderful place we’ve been so far in our trip around Morocco. Nestled in the Rif mountains in the north of Morocco, Chefchaouen is just a few hours drive from the coast. It boasts an unusual hybrid between Arabic and Mediterranean. There are just as […]

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My impression of Fes is that it’s a more authentic version of Marrakech. Frankie and I in front of the Blue Gate; the old town entrance nearest our riad There’s the same hustle and bustle, but it’s much easier to get lost. The souks seem to exist more for Moroccans than for tourists, which leads […]

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Arriving in Meknès, our cab driver overcharged us and then dropped us on the wrong side of town, but not before giving us his phone number so we could call him tomorrow for a city tour at the miniscule price of just 500 dirhams. When we finally arrived at our riad about 45 minutes and several […]

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When we arrived in Casablanca we haggled with a taxi driver to take us straight to the Hassan II Mosque, which is the second largest religious building in the world (behind the mosque at Mecca). The photos don’t do it justice at all. From there, Paul checked out the art gallery while Frankie and I […]

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Day Two in Marrakech

Day two in Marrakech begins with breakfast on the roof of our riad. Afterwards, we make our way through the rush of the souk to the museum of Marrakech. There wasn’t a lot inside, but the architecture was reason enough to visit: the building used to be a royal palace. After lunch, we visited the […]

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Our eight day trip around Morocco starts off in Marrakech. We’re staying at Riad Hala, a tiny family run place just a few tight alleyways away from the main town square. Frankie and Paul in front of the door to our riad Morocco is culturally the farthest I’ve ever been from home. I’ve learned that […]

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