What I Learned On My First Cruise

Perhaps counter-intuitively, I’ve wanted to go on a cruise ever since I saw Titanic at the age of 11. The fancy dining halls, the Irish dancing, the soaring music at sunset; what’s not to love? My best friend Kat left New Zealand for Dubai three months before I skipped off to the Americas. When she decided […]

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8 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is mecca for fun-loving tourists (and hippies, though no-one knows why!). This Easter, The Antipodean checked it out to see what all the buzz was about. In no particular order, these are The Antipodean’s Top 8 unmissable experiences for an unforgettable long weekend in Amsterdam.   1.  Explore the canals Getting lost in a […]

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Sleeping With the Fishes

In most cities there’s a lot to consider when choosing where to stay. But not in Amsterdam. Well, not for me at least. Why? Because in the city of dykes and canals, I knew I wanted to stay on the water, in a Botel. After checking out a few options, I settled quickly on the […]

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