Istanbul in Two Days (part 2)

I had a dilemma back in June. How can you possibly explore a city as vast, as cosmopolitan and as interesting as Istanbul in just a day?I decided you couldn’t. So I didn’t try to. I was fortunate enough to know I was coming back for another day a few months later. So I ticked […]

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Sail Turkey: Highlights

The Turkish riviera is often called the Turquoise Coast. After a week exploring it on Busabout’s Sail Turkey trip, it’s easy to see why. These are the highlights of a week afloat. Fethiye harbour, shortly before departure. 1.  Butterfly Valley The butterflies may be seasonal, but the steep cliffs blocking this bay off from overland […]

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Sail Turkey: Preview

When contemplating the stifling heat of August, nothing sounds more attractive to me than a week on a boat. Jumping off the bow to cool off. Reading in the late afternoon sun. Sleeping on the deck, under the stars. That’s exactly what you get with Busabout’s Sail Turkey trip. And it’s not just any boat; but […]

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Gallipoli (in Photos)

Even just the word ‘Gallipoli’ is loaded for antipodeans. We all learned about it in history class, but few have been fortunate enough to visit the site where so many Kiwis and Australians lost their lives in the first world war. Gallipoli is around a 5 hour drive from Istanbul, so it’s ambitious to do […]

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Ottoman Trek: Istanbul

Where East meets West. That’s what I’d heard about Istanbul. Knowing it was a heavily Muslim city, I pictured it exactly like Marrakesh, with snake charmers in the public square, Eastern architecture, and calls to prayer over loudspeaker a few times a day. When we first arrived, part of me was a little disappointed: what […]

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Ottoman Trek: Preview

Almost a year ago, I embarked on the birthday trip of a lifetime overland from the south of France to the place I’d always dreamed of visiting: Dubrovnik, Croatia. The image that had me going gaga for Dubrovnik a year ago Tomorrow, just before my next birthday, Busabout and Flight Centre UK have given me […]

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