Five Moments in Santorini

My love letter to Santorini, in five rose-tinted moments.   Moment #1: the climb The dark sand clings to my wet torso like iron fillings to a magnet as I scrape the side of the volcanic rock. My next potential handhold disintegrates into powdery specks. It looked decidedly more solid from the water. As each pivot places […]

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The White Cliffs of Zakynthos

Everyone knows Greeks are very proud of their flag, with its stripes of azure and white. I never made any connection between the color of the Greek flag and the nation of Greece, until I visited the tiny island of Zakynthos. An island where caves are filled with sparkling azure water. Where majestic white cliffs […]

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Albania’s Hidden Awesome Castle

So, Albania is awesome. My memory of it is primarily farmland and mountains. With the odd ruin thrown in for good measure. And then suddenly, you hit Gjirokastër. The little town right by the Greek border, where we only really intended to change cars. Quaint but unassuming, you’d never guess the awesomeness it hides. Gjirokastër has […]

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Storms Above Dubrovnik

My vision of Dubrovnik, Croatia is pretty much the stereotypical paradise. Glorious sunshine beams down onto orange roofs, and the azure sky goes on forever. It’s an endless maze of alleyways and marble steps. With beaches and islands to explore. And the perfect vantage point to observe it all from afar. At least, that’s my memory of Dubrovnik from […]

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