Bucket List


spend a night in the desert

completed october 2012 in jordan
story here

7 wonders

see the seven wonders

completed july 2017
story here

colosseum (italy), february 2006, story here
petra (jordan), october 2012, story here
machu picchu (peru), april 2015, story here
taj mahal (india), december 2015, story here
great wall (china), december 2016, story here
chichen itza (mexico), february 2017, story here
christ the redeemer (brazil), july 2017, story here

bonus: great pyramid (ancient wonder), october 2012, story here

see an elephant in front of mt kilimanjaro

completed august 2018
story here


drive a classic car in cuba

completed march 2015
story here

Tallest Building

go to the top of the tallest building

completed december 2015
photo here


walk along the great wall

completed december 2016
story here

Great Barrier

dive great barrier

completed june 2007


see rent in new york city


live on three continents

completed may 2015

oceania: most of my life
europe: 2011-2012
north america: 2015-

North Korea

visit north korea

Mardi Gras

be in rio for the carnival


ride the world’s top five rollercoasters


set foot on antarctica


drive on the autobahn

completed may 2011
story here


reach everest base camp


drive through lavender fields in provence

complete june 2012
story here

Dead Sea

read a newspaper in the dead sea

completed october 2012
story here

sail on the nile

completed october 2012
story here


see the same show in three languages

completed april 2012
wicked in english, german and dutch


visit russia in winter

completed december 2011
story here


see the orange roofs of dubrovnik

completed june 2011
story here

Northern Lights

witness the northern lights

completed november 2016
story here


skydive in three countries

Route 66

drive route 66 in a convertible


sleep behind a blue door in morocco

completed september 2011
story here


volunteer in a third world country

Easter Island

see the moai of easter island

see a frozen waterfall

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