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Born in Auckland, New Zealand a little longer ago than I care to admit, my zest for travel has taken me to over 55 countries.

Since 2015, I’ve called New York City home – a feat I dreamed of for years but finally accomplished thanks to winning the green card lottery. Besides travel, my other passion is theatre, and I love every stressful minute of my full-time job in the marketing department of one of Broadway’s leading non-profit theatres.

But, of course, I’ll always jet away every chance I get. I’ve visited over 20 countries in the past two years – while working full-time.

Before the big apple, I also spent two years living in London – which is where I picked up the travel writing habit. Originally named “The Antipodean”, this blog has now been around for over six years – including the popular “Life Lesson” series of comedic fails.

Along the way, I began guest blogging for brands including Flight Centre UK and Busabout, eventually getting published in print as a regular contributor to New Zealand’s leading travel magazine (Destinations, now sadly digital-only).

The purpose of Andrew Roams today is to inspire readers to plan their next adventure – whether through a destination guide, a beautiful photo, or a hilarious story. I love hearing from readers who have found inspiration in these pages – from the guy who booked a trip to the slums of New Delhi after reading this post, to the travel agent who sends her clients links to my posts. You make this worthwhile.

email: andrew@andrewroams.com

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  1. Andrew! We sat with you at a wedding this weekend and we’re sorry we didnt getvto say goodbye! We had to drive six hours to get home! Anyway, email me your info so I can connect you with my travel agent cousin. Happy travels! I’ll follow your blog!

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