24 Hours in Toronto

I knew I’d hit Canada the moment the view from my window became ice and snow.My first visit to Canada, unfortunately, was to be a short one. I wanted to do a day trip from New York to Niagara Falls, and discovered that it would save me over $500 to do it myself and fly […]

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One Day in Rhodes

Rhodes is a bit of an anomaly in Greece. It’s got the largest continuously inhabited medieval old town in the world. In a nation that celebrates the Classical period, it’s quite a strange feeling to find yourself in the middle ages. The ruins are considerably less ruined because they’re so much younger. The city gates […]

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6 Strange Things to Do in York

One of the best things about living in King’s Cross is the easy access to trains heading north towards Scotland. We wanted to show our visiting relatives a side of England that you can’t get in London, and decided to take them up to York for the day to experience Ye Olde England. East Coast trains offer cheap off-peak […]

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