5 Highlights of Cancún

Let’s face it, Cancún isn’t exactly known for its culture. On the scale from Abandoned Paradise to Crowded Tourist Trap, Cancún ranks just behind the Olive Garden in Times Square. Determined to find out whether the oyster had a pearl, I decided to spend a long weekend in Cancún.

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The Cutest Village in Mexico

Just two hours from the bustling traffic of Mexico City, I fell in love. Malinalco is the exactly the small-town Mexican experience I had hoped for. Rustic buildings with peeling paint in every shade between mustard and amber. Roughly cobbled roads. Fruit stalls that smell of tamarind and coconut. Quiet streets, with the sound of […]

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We went to Mexico today. It feels really weird to say that… even though Tijuana is hardly representative of real Mexico. I guess as a kiwi I find the whole concept of a border crossing on land somewhat foreign.Our hotel is so close to the border that we could probably walk. You can drive to […]

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