5 Highlights of Cancún

Let’s face it, Cancún isn’t exactly known for its culture. On the scale from Abandoned Paradise to Crowded Tourist Trap, Cancún ranks just behind the Olive Garden in Times Square. Determined to find out whether the oyster had a pearl, I decided to spend a long weekend in Cancún.

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Petra: The Rock City (in Photos)

I’ve wanted to visit Petra ever since watching Indiana Jones as a kid. The idea of a mysterious, ancient city carved directly into rock thousands of years ago by a lost civilisation (the Nabataeans) and forgotten by the western world until two hundred years ago is too exciting to be true, surely? Petra is Jordan’s […]

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Bus Egypt: Cairo

In Cairo, the ancient clashes with the modern in an extraordinary way. Cows chill out underneath a motorway overpass. The ancient remains in the Egyptian museum are right next to the burnt out ruins from last year’s revolution. The burnt out remains of Mubarak’s headquarters behind the museum. The trip from Cairo to Giza is half […]

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Rome: Third Time Lucky

This is my third time in Rome, and I’ve never seen the Sistine Chapel! Six years ago, atop St Peter’s Basilica I was 19 the first time I visited. But somehow my brother and I managed to visit the Vatican on the one day that Michelangelo’s labour of love was closed to the public. An […]

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