The Great Wall
(in Photos)

Amidst all the talk about making countries ‘great’ again, and building walls, my journey to China began to take on more meaning than I’d anticipated.

My first glimpse of my fifth wonder of the world.

I chose Catherine Lu tours for my daytrip from Beijing to the Great Wall firstly because of her top TripAdvisor rating, but secondly because she promised to take me to two very different sections of the wall so I could truly experience the range.

First up, Mutianyu, a popular restored section of the wall.

China didn’t have much luck keeping out the Mongols with the great wall, despite it being over 6,000km long.

The second stretch of the wall I visited, Huánghuā Chéng, was significantly less restored, less touristy, and more steep.

It stretched as far as I could see in either direction, and by all accounts this was the experience I hoped for when I planned a trip to the great wall.

I walked for about 4 hours along the great wall, covering a distance of maybe 5 kilometres.

At that pace, I could walk the whole thing in just three and a half years.

But, for now, it’s time to continue homeward to New Zealand.

I guess I’ll have to return to China to finish the job.

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