A Weekend in Berlin

 A few years back, I made a starring turn in the show Cabaret as ‘guy #2’. Thought my performance was less than memorable, it did awaken a desire to visit the city of Berlin. I think I’d probably need to visit Berlin again (or with the right people) to properly discover the underground, bohemian hangouts […]

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A Weekend in Germany

Our weekend in Germany was very eventful. It started with the already-blogged Autobahn drive. What I didn’t mention in the post was what happened next… we got lost. Well, sort of lost. I bought a GPS a few weeks ago, so technically we knew where we were, but we couldn’t get in. Turned out our hostel […]

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The Autobahn

My driving skills have been put through the wringer in the past three months. First, in America I had to drive on the wrong side of the road. Then, in the Lake District of Northern England, I had to teach myself how to tame a manual. Now, in Germany, I have to do both at […]

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