Life Lesson #15 – Penny Pinching

Today I learned how to eat for a whole day on £1.50.

We’re trying to save as much as we can, to make our limited money last so  A) we can find jobs before going broke, and  B) when we get jobs we can still afford to travel.

Breakfast = free
Our hotel does a fairly average breakfast. But it’s included, so we eat as much as we can. We’re there no matter how late we stayed up.

Lunch = free
Head to the Camden Markets and take a free sample from every food place. Who needs a whole meal!?

Dinner = £1.50
Sainsbury’s does two pies for £2, and two microwave golden syrup puddings for £1. Sorted.

Typical Camden Market Food Stall.

Paul still spent £5 on magnets. He’s realised they’re lighter than books.

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