5 Reasons You Should Want to Go to Goa

As a first time visitor to India, the Taj Mahal was the centrepiece of my itinerary. But I was lucky enough to have been sold on the idea of Goa’s dreamy beaches years ago, so I made sure not to miss them. If lounging on a beach eating delicious food and chatting with friendly locals is your idea of a good day, you shouldn’t miss Goa when you visit India either.

I spent three glorious days in Patnem Beach and Palolem after reading that it was the most relaxed area of Goa. My time was too short – I could have settled there for weeks.

Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Goa:

1. The Food

This is really five reasons on its own. Just, wow. The Kingfish Masala I ate on my first day had only been caught two hours earlier. It was so delicious that I craved it again the next day, purchased it from a different restaurant, and found it to be just as good. Though initially cautious about food poisoning, I ended up eating all kinds of food, including meat and salad, and didn’t have any health issues.

Goa #04 (IMG_5583)
Kingfish masala and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice from a little restaurant down the right hand end of Palolem beach.
Dubai #06 (IMG_5623)
Roast pepper and cashew salad with a chocolate milkshake from ‘Home’ – a great little vegetarian café on Patnem beach.

2. Live Right on the Beach

Huts on stilts and restaurants on sand. ‘Nuff said.

Goa #03 (IMG_5576)
I wish I hadn’t booked accommodation ahead – there was plenty of availability in the gorgeous beachside huts.

3. The Sunsets

I’m a sucker for a good sunset. Scroll through my instagram and it feels like every second photo is one. Goa’s is among the best. None of the colours have been edited in these photos.

3 - Goa #03 (IMG_5466) 3 - Goa #04 (IMG_5484) 3 - Goa #06 (IMG_5496)

This shot isn't even from the beach. It's from Madagaon train station.
This shot isn’t even from the beach. It’s from Madagaon train station.

4. The Water

Super warm, and clean to boot. And every restaurant I ate in was happy to look after my bag while I swam.

Dubai #02 (IMG_5568)

5. The Prices

Even the guide who showed me round Mumbai told me the prices in Goa were insanely cheap. Something about tax. I don’t fully understand, but I don’t need to. All I need to hear is “$1.50 cocktails” and I’m there. I had restaurant quality food and paid less than McDonald’s every time.

And in case you needed one last reason to go… there are cows on the beach!

Dubai #05 (IMG_5596)

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