A Visitor at Home

I’ve spent nearly four years living overseas, but I’ve never been a visitor at home. My return from London was a permanent one. But part of chasing the dream overseas means coming to terms with what you’re missing at home. And ticking the “visitor” box on the immigration form.

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Twice in a Lifetime

When I got back from Melbourne on Saturday, I had to fill out an arrivals card. For the first time, under ‘occupation’, I had to write ‘unemployed’. And under ‘length of visit to New Zealand’, I had to write ‘five days’. I had the stark realisation that there were tourists on my plane who would be here longer than me. […]

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Coming Home

On 1 December, after 630 days, 35 countries, 156,106 miles travelled by air, 37,154 photos, nearly a hundred shows, 281 posts, and one court appearance, I came home. Paul and I at Auckland Airport, seconds after getting off the plane. I was worried that little old Auckland would feel like a small pond after the crazy pace of London, and it does. […]

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600 Days in London

After 600 days in London (over a quarter spent elsewhere), it’s time for this Antipodean to return to the Antipodes. That means the start of a new era for this blog – I’ll have more time to write other kinds of travel content rather than focusing 99% on destination guides in order to keep up […]

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Flight Centre Guest Posts

Some of you may have noticed the little Flight Centre Featured Blogger badge that appeared on here about six months ago. In that time I’ve written a few articles for Flight Centre. I link to them from Twitter, but figured it was about time I posted them on here as well for those of you […]

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I broke my own rule today. I often talk about how I never cry, but today I couldn’t help myself. I’m sitting in the departure lounge in Auckland right now hoping this wasn’t a mistake… it’s meant to be the time of my life, but today it’s feeling more bitter than sweet. Here’s hoping I […]

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