Accidentally in Israel

Fact: public transport in the Middle East is notoriously unreliable. Fact: the only way to get directly from Egypt to Jordan is by ferry across the Red Sea. Fact: the alternative route crosses overland through Israel. Fiction: Nothing could possibly go wrong! The ferry from Egypt to Jordan leaves from the port town of Nuweiba. […]

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Bus Egypt: Temple Town

Thank God for Mohamed. Egypt is full of temples, and they’re a little tricky to figure out for hieroglyph muggles like me. Thankfully, Mohamed (our Busabout guide) was always on hand to decipher things… Mohamed giving one of his enthusiastic talks about the hieroglyphics at Karnak Temple. The 10 day Egypt trip includes stops at […]

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Bus Egypt: Sailing the Nile

For thousands of years, the Nile has been more than a river for Egyptians. The country is pretty much only the desert and the river. So it’s their lifeblood. That’s why sailing down the Nile has always had a special place on my bucket list. The newest tick on my bucket list. On Busabout’s 10 […]

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Bus Egypt: Cairo

In Cairo, the ancient clashes with the modern in an extraordinary way. Cows chill out underneath a motorway overpass. The ancient remains in the Egyptian museum are right next to the burnt out ruins from last year’s revolution. The burnt out remains of Mubarak’s headquarters behind the museum. The trip from Cairo to Giza is half […]

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A Weekend in Ireland

If your knowledge of the Emerald Isle consists mainly of Guinness and leprechauns, you need to check out Shamrocker Adventures’ Southern Rocker trip. In three packed days, you get the chance to discover why everyone says they love Ireland.For such a superstitious country, what better number than 13 for a list of things to check […]

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