Jammed into a tiny cabin with six people, I woke at 5am on Boxing Day en route to Venice. The sun was rising somewhere over the Italian countryside. Venice welcomed us with a crisp winter sky. As we walked to our hostel, we barely saw a soul. Crossing the Grand Canal at about 7:30am after […]

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Snowflakes in Salzburg

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. That’s what I wanted for my first winter Christmas. The London weather reports indicated a mild winter with no snow until the new year. Determined to see snow on Christmas day, we booked a Christmas trip to Salzburg, followed by a few days in Venice. After a […]

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An Antipodean Christmas

It’s my first Christmas on the other side of the world. It doesn’t feel much like Christmas because it’s so cold! I think I’d be able to wrap my head around it if it was snowing… but unfortunately it’s more wet, cold and rainy in London this December. I’ve learned how expensive postage to New […]

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