Storms Above Dubrovnik

My vision of Dubrovnik, Croatia is pretty much the stereotypical paradise. Glorious sunshine beams down onto orange roofs, and the azure sky goes on forever. It’s an endless maze of alleyways and marble steps. With beaches and islands to explore. And the perfect vantage point to observe it all from afar. At least, that’s my memory of Dubrovnik from […]

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Quarter of a Century in Korčula

I hate getting older. But at least this year I had the beautiful island of Korčula to make everything seem better. Lookout point with Korčula in the distance.  Korčula is about two hours north of Dubrovnik, and I had been tipped off to how great it was by others who had visited. The atmosphere is relaxed, […]

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Today I learned that you shouldn’t go swimming in Montenegro without titanium footwear. We got up early in the morning and were picked up by a driver who took us across the border. We stopped in Kotor, an ancient walled city for gelato, then continued on the main town in Montenegro, Budva, where I swam. […]

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I’m still pinching myself. I can’t quite believe we’re here. I’ve dreamed of visiting Dubrovnik for five years or more – ever since seeing a photo of the city in a travel book on my Aunty Chris’s coffee table. What I’ve learned since then only makes me drool more. They don’t call this place the […]

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Night Ferry Across the Adriatic

I’ve crossed borders all sorts of ways, but never by boat. I’ve never slept on one either. So I’m really looking forward to the overinght ferry from Bari, Italy to the last (and most hotly anticipated) stop on our trip Dubrovnik, Croatia. I think I would have more to say about the trip if I’d […]

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