Storms Above Dubrovnik

My vision of Dubrovnik, Croatia is pretty much the stereotypical paradise. Glorious sunshine beams down onto orange roofs, and the azure sky goes on forever.

5 - Dubrovnik #01 (IMG_1419)

It’s an endless maze of alleyways and marble steps.

5 - Dubrovnik #02 (IMG_1428)

With beaches and islands to explore.

5 - Dubrovnik #03 (IMG_1441)

And the perfect vantage point to observe it all from afar.

5 - Dubrovnik #04 (IMG_1505)

At least, that’s my memory of Dubrovnik from visiting five years ago.

It was exactly the same when I recently turned… for about 24 hours.

And then, the storm clouds descended.

5 - Dubrovnik #05 (IMG_1551)

As I walked the city walls (something I regretted missing on my last visit), I found myself strangely captivated by this storm.

5 - Dubrovnik #06 (IMG_1565)

Lightning forked out over the Adriatic, clouds shapeshifted in increasingly moody ways, and thick rain pounded the smooth stone path.

5 - Dubrovnik #08 (IMG_3022)

The mob of tourists ran for cover under seven hundred year old fortresses.

5 - Dubrovnik #10 (IMG_3037)

5 - Dubrovnik #11 (IMG_3048)

The island of Lokrum looked deserted.

5 - Dubrovnik #07 (IMG_1570)

And something about the city was just… magical.

With barely anyone else on the city walls we were free to set our own pace.

5 - Dubrovnik #09 (IMG_3024)

And once our clothes were soaked through, we gave up on trying to dart from awning to doorway to avoid the rain.

5 - Dubrovnik #12 (IMG_3052)

In usual circumstances, I’d be gutted to have a storm disrupt my few days in paradise. But in this case, I saw a side to Dubrovnik I couldn’t have seen any other way, and I loved it.

And when the storm finally broke, I was sitting in a bar in the city walls, and I almost found myself wishing it would continue.

5 - Dubrovnik #13 (IMG_3059)

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