Quarter of a Century in Korčula

I hate getting older. But at least this year I had the beautiful island of Korčula to make everything seem better.
Lookout point with Korčula in the distance. 

Korčula is about two hours north of Dubrovnik, and I had been tipped off to how great it was by others who had visited.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the water crystal clear, and the food well priced. We stayed for hours.

Paul testing the water off the pier.
We walked around the coast for a bit until we found a secluded spot where we could swim alone. We sat on the rocks and dangled our feet in the water, until Paul’s leg was grabbed by a huge tentacle. He screamed and fell in. We still don’t know whether it was a squid or an octopus, but it sure was funny!
The trip back to Dubrovnik takes you through the main wine producing region of Croatia. Our driver took us to one of the wineries where we stayed for around an hour trying the local specialties, including one they’d served the pope only two weeks earlier!
When we arrived back in Dubrovnik, we bought some birthday cake in a bakery. Back in our room, we wrote postcards. I sat backwards when I’d finished, and sat backwards. Onto the cake. Not my finest moment.
This is what it looks like when you buy a birthday cake and then sit on it.

Once I’d cleaned the chocolate of my butt, I looked up and saw the sky lit up like it was on fire. Sunset in Croatia is so dramatic!

We headed back into the old town before it got dark. The sky kept changing hue.

The sky turned purple as we approached the famous city walls.

Dubrovnik sure put on a good show for my birthday. I don’t think it had anything to do with it being the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and the President being in town or anything.

People lined the streets. I know I’ve used the word festive a lot these past few weeks… but there’s no other word to describe it! Beautiful choral music filled the streets as thousands tried to catch a glimpse of the ceremony.

At about 10:30, Paul and I sat by the beach to watch fireworks over the harbour. They were spectacular.

The perfect end to a great birthday and a great trip. We flew out the next morning. I forgot to send the postcards.

Flying over Venice.
Flying over the Austrian Alps.

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  1. Mostly we use a Canon 350D, but a surprising amount is shot on my iPhone too. It’s mainly in the processing though – we always shoot in raw, which means there’s tons of information still in the file after it’s been shot. I process the files in Adobe Bridge CS4 (which is awesome!)

  2. Definitely worth it. And shoot in raw if your camera can – means you can process heaps more without it getting grainy. Lemme know if you get stuck getting started on Bridge – it’s easy to use but took me a while to figure out my way around it. x

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