Hollywood Drama

My entire motel room smells like kiwifruit vodka. I suspect it’s probably masking worse odours. This is the kind of motel a hooker would be ashamed of. The shower is just a pipe with no head that leaks an erratic spray roughly equivalent to a scalding hot sneeze. On days like today, I’d usually sit […]

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Last Day in Hollywood

On our last day in Hollywood we finished off the last few things on our LA bucket list. We tried to book rush tickets to see The Ellen Show tape live, but there was no chance. It’s a bummer, as we registered months in advance but they don’t accept anyone from outside the US unless […]

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City of Angels

We landed in LA just after six this morning, following a 12 hour flight. Took off to this song (one of my faves). Felt it was kinda appropriate. Our hotel is pretty crappy… but we have an awesome location on Sunset Boulevard, so we don’t regret choosing it. Thanks to the GPS system we hired […]

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