City of Angels

We landed in LA just after six this morning, following a 12 hour flight. Took off to this song (one of my faves). Felt it was kinda appropriate.

Our hotel is pretty crappy… but we have an awesome location on Sunset Boulevard, so we don’t regret choosing it. Thanks to the GPS system we hired with our beaten up old Toyota Corolla, we arrived promptly at 7:30am… ready to go to bed. Which is when we remembered that check-in doesn’t open until 3pm. Aaahh! Though we were struggling to stay awake, we decided to make the most of it and do some of the necessary touristy things. So we went to the most important American icon first: Taco Bell! Then, had a quick at less important attractions like the Kodak Theatre, the Walk of Fame, and this thing:

Afterwards, we headed to West Hollywood to go to Target and stock up on essentials like Sour Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, and Coconut M&Ms. I also made the mistake of letting Paul go into a place called Book Soup, which turned out to be (and I quote) “the most amazing bookshop I’ve ever been to in my LIFE!” Luckily, he restrained himself to just two books and a magazine… which, believe it or not, was quite held back!

Settling in at the hotel now, then off to catch up with Paul’s sister Esther at her fancy hotel (on Rodeo Drive, no less!) at 9:00. It’s been a long 45 hour Saturday, but a pretty awesome start to our trip.

4 thoughts on “City of Angels

  1. Hey Andrew, Great to see you in the US of A and its not so scary is it?? You should post your itinerary somewhere if you have one, so friends who’ve travelled to some of the places can give suggestions of what’s worth seeing, where to eat etc and what to avoid…just an idea. Say hi to Mickey for me…Tiffany.

  2. HAHA Paul well done buddy – only your first day and you have bought books – I should have made a bet and won lots of money from someone – Surprised you didn’t buy any at the airport actually!
    Hope by now you have both got some well earned sleep – you guys are troopers!
    Continuous Love xx

  3. Thanks Kat 😉 we just got 8 hours of sleep, but was supposed to be 9… apparently it’s daylight savings here!! Other than that, I’d had 9 hours sleep in 72! Felt like I was going to black out!

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