Friday the 13th

Best Black Friday ever… I got a job! I have a 9 month contract at National Savings & Investments as a Campaign Development Manager. They’re a government owned investment bank, kind of like Kiwibank. The role doesn’t appear to be as interesting as what I was doing at Westpac, but it’s paying a lot more, […]

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Not Working

I had a Skype interview today. Literally, an interview with Skype. It’s not as cool as it sounds, I was just there testing their new product for an hour for £40. I signed up with some research companies a few weeks ago in the hopes of earning some cash to make being unemployed sting a bit […]

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Touchdown in London

We have arrived in our new home city! The flight was pretty good. Our sleeping pills knocked us out, and we were the only people in our row of four, so we got to spread out more than usual. Our accommodation is crap, but you get what you pay for! We arrived expecting grey skies, rain and cold. […]

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