Not Working

I had a Skype interview today. Literally, an interview with Skype.

It’s not as cool as it sounds, I was just there testing their new product for an hour for £40. I signed up with some research companies a few weeks ago in the hopes of earning some cash to make being unemployed sting a bit less. I casually asked if they have any vacant marketing positions… but I doubt that will come to anything!

Meanwhile, I’m meant to find out tomorrow about a job with NS&I, a government banking arm kind of like Kiwibank. It’s a good role, and a bit of a promotion, but not overly exciting. I’ve got a few dream applications out there (Google being one). Here’s hoping I can land something soon, I want to start booking my Summer travel before I run out of cash!

Paul’s been applying for lots too, and is really gutted today because he missed the submission deadline for an awesome job at the National Portrait Gallery by two hours. (Who closes submissions at 9:00am??). He sent it in anyway, on the off-chance that someone will read it. Worth a shot.


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