Friday the 13th

Best Black Friday ever… I got a job! I have a 9 month contract at National Savings & Investments as a Campaign Development Manager. They’re a government owned investment bank, kind of like Kiwibank.

The role doesn’t appear to be as interesting as what I was doing at Westpac, but it’s paying a lot more, so that’s a welcome surprise! I had been warned by just about everyone here to expect a significant paycut and possibly demotion, so am feeling very, very relieved.

Paul’s not been so lucky today, and was targeted by a scam company that preys on graduates by signing them up to a pyramid scheme paid only on non-existent commissions. Luckily, he was clever enough to google them and get out before getting caught up in it.

Later tonight, we’re seeing an Agatha Christie murder mystery play, then taking the midnight bus to Scotland from Gate 13.

A fitting way to spend Black Friday.


I said Black Friday, not Black’s Friday you egg.
I hate that song.

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