The Great Ocean Road Trip

British people all seem to dream of going to Australia. And there’s one item sure to feature on their itinerary. A highlight of Aussie travel marketing in Europe that somehow few Kiwis have ever heard of: Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. After hearing about it non-stop when I lived in the UK, I decided to pop over […]

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Mending Breakdowns

The bus broke down about two hours into our first trip. It was like the plot of a B-grade roadtrip movie…   ‘Two free spirits buy an enormous aqua coloured house bus on a whim, and a few short weeks later eight people, most of whom barely know each other, are on a mission to […]

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Road-Tripping Icebergs, Volcanoes and Waterfalls (in Photos)

Remember the icy climax of Die Another Day? James Bond speeds across a frozen lagoon filled with icebergs, fighting off the baddies and saving the world. Welcome to Jökulsárlón, Iceland. A real-life glacial lagoon. You can reach it in about 5 hours from Reykjavik. I was sold on Jökulsárlón even before hearing about the volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls […]

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