Tea Fields and Backwaters: Kerala in Photos

In 2012, National Geographic’s Traveller magazine named Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the world”, and “50 must see destinations of a lifetime”.

And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s been there.

So, when my best friend Kat told me she was going for a few days (it’s a little closer to her in Dubai than it is to me in New York), I did a bit of research and I fell in love with the place.

I wanted to see tea growing on the hillside. Smell the cardamom and spices. Wake at dawn on a houseboat in the backwaters.

So I did.

3 - Kerala #01 (IMG_5751)

It takes a few hours to get away from the bustle of the city of Kochi. But when you do, it’s breathtaking.

Valleys sink away from the road, and the whole hillside glows a luscious green you don’t quite see anywhere else in India, under a thick blanket of tea.

3 - Kerala #02 (IMG_2776)

3 - Kerala #03 (IMG_2781)

3 - Kerala #08 (IMG_5786)

3 - Kerala #09 (IMG_5837)

3 - Kerala #20 (IMG_6070)

When I asked our driver if all the tea is picked by hand, he was really confused.

I think he took it for granted.

3 - Kerala #06 (IMG_5784)

3 - Kerala #05 (IMG_5765)

Another teacher from Kat’s school in Dubai, Jon, organized the Kerala trip. There were meant to be seven of us but a series of unfortunate events prevented the other four from joining the adventure. This translated to more legroom in the car for us, so no complaints.

3 - Kerala #07 (IMG_2796)

Our most adventurous day involved an off-road jeep trip from the town of Munnar. The low roof, rough terrain, and lack of seatbelts, padding or handles meant we were tossed around like dice in a casino.

But the spectacular scenery made up for it.

3 - Kerala #05 (IMG_5921)

3 - Kerala #12 (IMG_5848)

Although, some of the wildlife took my breath away in the wrong kind of way.

3 - Kerala #11 (IMG_5843)

We couldn’t resist recreating some of the photos from the tourist brochure.

3 - Kerala #13 (2015-12-02 13.04.41)

A dam provides hydroelectric power to the region, and creates a pretty awesome lake.

3 - Kerala #19 (IMG_6032)

3 - Kerala #17 (IMG_5968)

Local operators offer speedboat trips.

3 - Kerala #18 (IMG_6022)

The road to Alleppey from Munnar has a few things worth stopping for too.

3 - Kerala #21 (IMG_6074)

3 - Kerala #22 (IMG_6085)

The highlight of most trips to the Kerala region is definitely staying on a houseboat in the backwaters of Alleppey. The only thing I’ve ever seen like it is the Amazon region in Peru.

3 - Kerala #23 (IMG_6097)

3 - Kerala #26 (IMG_6161)

3 - Kerala #30 (IMG_6275)

The people watching was legendary.

And the sunset. I can’t even.

3 - Kerala #27 (IMG_6214)

Props to this guy for staying in place like a statue for an hour. And also to the two birds that are creepily in the exact same spot.

3 - Kerala #28 (IMG_6216)

3 - Kerala #29 (IMG_6228)

After our night on the houseboat, we returned to Kochi for the final few hours of our time together.

The Portuguese influence has led to some interesting architecture.

3 - Kerala #31 (IMG_6318)

And for some reason, I loved the peeling paint in the Jewish Quarter. Also, the coffee.

3 - Kerala #32 (IMG_6320)

India’s answer to Banksy has left his mark on the area too.

3 - Kerala #33 (IMG_6325)

I said goodbye to Kat at the airport, and then waited for my flight to Delhi.

I’m glad I asked for a window seat.

3 - Kerala #34 (IMG_6341)

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