Good Friday in Brussels

Easter marked my first ever trip on the Eurostar. This is particularly monumental because I currently live about a four minute walk from St Pancras Station, where it departs.
Besides the ease of processing and the fact that liquids are no problem, my favourite thing about travelling on the Eurostar is that you get to stop places on the way (in our case, to Amsterdam). First Lille, in France. Then Belgian amusement park ‘Mini Europe’. Then Brussels.
In Brussels the first thing you notice is the quaint architecture. You feel like you’re walking around inside a city of doll’s houses.

Then, of course, the chocolate. Who could resist Belgian chocolate at Easter! We stuff our bags with delicious treats from L’Art du Chocolat and continue to the Royal Museum of Fine Art. Their collection includes the startling Death of Marat, and the largest collection of René Magritte’s work in the world.

Leaving the gallery, the walk towards the city is stunning.

We couldn’t find the metro station we were looking for. But we didn’t care.

We couldn’t continue to Amsterdam without sampling hot chips in the place they were invented. Apparently the person who nicknamed them ‘french fries’ just couldn’t spot a Belgian accent. Poirot would disapprove.

It was another three hours to Amsterdam. But we were grateful we’d stopped, even though it was only for a few hours.

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