Life Lesson #44 – The Waffle

Today I learned never to eat local cuisine on the street. At least, not unless you’re sitting down.

This is especially true if you’re somewhere really cool, like Belgium, where they have a really awesome national food, like waffles.

If you do have to eat something really delicious on the side of a beautiful cobbled road, don’t get it with strawberries and cream. At least, not if you really love strawberries and cream.

Because then you may cry when this happens:

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Life Lesson #44 – The Waffle

  1. Oh sad.. I’ll be sure to take note of that. Hey.. have you boys been to Vienna? I’m looking for suggestions and recommendations for 4 days in Vienna… One day will be catching the train to Salzburg for a sound of music tour.. but aside from that I only have dreams and aspirations 🙂 Liz

    1. Wonderful, I love Vienna! I happen to like Salzburg even more, but then I was blessed with perfect weather. The best thing I got up to in Vienna was a Mozart concert in a grand old cathedral. Also St Stephansplatz is glorious… but you don’t even need to put that on your list, because it’s impossible to miss! Have a wonderful time – let me know how it goes x

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