The Best Beach in New Zealand

The New Zealand summer is long and scorching. Every kiwi kid has memories of spending the whole summer at the beach, trying to ride the scooter they got for Christmas with one hand so they can eat an ice cream with the other.   As a result, beaches are a hot topic in New Zealand. […]

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8 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is mecca for fun-loving tourists (and hippies, though no-one knows why!). This Easter, The Antipodean checked it out to see what all the buzz was about. In no particular order, these are The Antipodean’s Top 8 unmissable experiences for an unforgettable long weekend in Amsterdam.   1.  Explore the canals Getting lost in a […]

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Sleeping With the Fishes

In most cities there’s a lot to consider when choosing where to stay. But not in Amsterdam. Well, not for me at least. Why? Because in the city of dykes and canals, I knew I wanted to stay on the water, in a Botel. After checking out a few options, I settled quickly on the […]

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Good Friday in Brussels

Easter marked my first ever trip on the Eurostar. This is particularly monumental because I currently live about a four minute walk from St Pancras Station, where it departs. Besides the ease of processing and the fact that liquids are no problem, my favourite thing about travelling on the Eurostar is that you get to stop places […]

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Life Lesson #44 – The Waffle

Today I learned never to eat local cuisine on the street. At least, not unless you’re sitting down. This is especially true if you’re somewhere really cool, like Belgium, where they have a really awesome national food, like waffles. If you do have to eat something really delicious on the side of a beautiful cobbled […]

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ANZAC in York

Our accommodation in Bradford was amazing. We think it’s because nobody really goes there… otherwise it would have been way above our price range! Yep, that’s where we stayed. When we were ready to leave Bradford, we hopped back into the dreaded manual and headed to another address Paul’s granny had lived at. Unfortunately we had trouble […]

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Easter at the Lakes

The main point of our trip to the Lakes was a nice walk. And, for once, almost everything went to plan! The weather was spectacular, and the 6km walk was amazing (thanks to the walk guidebook Paul had bought in Ambleside the night before). The walk starts over mountains… …continues into a wood… …and comes […]

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