A Weekend at Paris Photo

Earlier this year when we visited Dubrovnik, the place I’d always dreamed of going, I asked Paul what was #1 on his list. He only had one answer: Paris Photo, the world’s biggest art photography fair. 2011 is its 15th year, and for the first time it’s in the Grand Palais. Though I’d been to […]

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This morning we caught the train along the French Riviera to Nice.   Approaching Cannes on the train to Nice Nice = heaven.   The main beach at Nice Sure, there are a lot of people, but the beach is big enought to fit everyone, and it’s still a city you can get lost in. […]

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I was warned not to expect too much from Marseilles. The crowded, crime filled, rat infested city would have nothing to offer me. Perhaps as a result of keeping expectations low, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Though our hotel cost a little more than we usually spend, its a great little boutique one in the heart […]

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Day Three in Paris: The Louvre

I’m getting sick of the crowds. It turns out that it’s school holidays in Europe, which I probably should have checked before we booked. We’re now paying for it every time we want to do anything. Which is making me regret the incredible weather a little bit. It’s really beautiful… but makes long waits a […]

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