A Visitor at Home

I’ve spent nearly four years living overseas, but I’ve never been a visitor at home. My return from London was a permanent one. But part of chasing the dream overseas means coming to terms with what you’re missing at home. And ticking the “visitor” box on the immigration form.

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The Hard Thing

Is it ok if I get a bit melodramatic for a minute? It’s exactly a year since I left New Zealand. I just put on the playlist that I made on that day and it’s giving me all the feels. Just four songs, all with the words “home” or “goodbye” in the title, that I […]

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Twice in a Lifetime

When I got back from Melbourne on Saturday, I had to fill out an arrivals card. For the first time, under ‘occupation’, I had to write ‘unemployed’. And under ‘length of visit to New Zealand’, I had to write ‘five days’. I had the stark realisation that there were tourists on my plane who would be here longer than me. […]

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The Best Beach in New Zealand

The New Zealand summer is long and scorching. Every kiwi kid has memories of spending the whole summer at the beach, trying to ride the scooter they got for Christmas with one hand so they can eat an ice cream with the other.   As a result, beaches are a hot topic in New Zealand. […]

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Mending Breakdowns

The bus broke down about two hours into our first trip. It was like the plot of a B-grade roadtrip movie…   ‘Two free spirits buy an enormous aqua coloured house bus on a whim, and a few short weeks later eight people, most of whom barely know each other, are on a mission to […]

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Coming Home

On 1 December, after 630 days, 35 countries, 156,106 miles travelled by air, 37,154 photos, nearly a hundred shows, 281 posts, and one court appearance, I came home. Paul and I at Auckland Airport, seconds after getting off the plane. I was worried that little old Auckland would feel like a small pond after the crazy pace of London, and it does. […]

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