The dramatic road to Vegas

After the drama with the car keys, it was 4:30 when we finally got on the road to Vegas. Paul read Walt Whitman aloud to pass the time. It was still snowing like crazy, which made driving scary but photos awesome. We passed an accident that had just happened, when a woman spun out of […]

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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is amazing. So amazing that even though it was too cloudy to see the sunset at all, we were still blown away. Our mascot, Diego (a wooden turtle we got in Mexico), poses in front of the Grand Canyon. After sunset, we ate at a stereotypical, but genuine, Steakhouse, then headed back […]

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The Black Canyon Highway

To say we slept badly in our car parked outside the Wickenburg Inn would be an understatement. Apparently deserts get really cold at night, who knew? (ok, we may have had some idea). We slept in our leather jackets and were glad that we had nicked the Qantas pillows and blankets from our flight to […]

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On the Road

We left San Diego just after 4:00 (about three hours later than planned). The Californian mountains looked like enormous piles of boulders as we drove east for six hours, most of the way parallel with the Mexican border. To pass the time as we drive, Paul is reading aloud the classic American road trip novel, On […]

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