On the Road

We left San Diego just after 4:00 (about three hours later than planned). The Californian mountains looked like enormous piles of boulders as we drove east for six hours, most of the way parallel with the Mexican border.

To pass the time as we drive, Paul is reading aloud the classic American road trip novel, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. There are a few versions of the book. We’re reading the original unedited version which is 300 pages of a single paragraph, but the way it flows is rhythmic and perfect for reading on the road.

—photos after the jump—

Wind Farm about 90 minutes outside San Diego.

Typical landscape just outside Calexico.

When we stopped in El Centro for a toilet break, I used a public toilet with no cubicle doors or toilet paper for the first time in my life.
An hour or so later, when it was getting dark, we passed a whole RV club camped out on the sand dunes whizzing around on dune buggies. Wish we could have joined them! 
Dune buggy keeping up with the car.


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