Hollywood Drama

My entire motel room smells like kiwifruit vodka. I suspect it’s probably masking worse odours. This is the kind of motel a hooker would be ashamed of. The shower is just a pipe with no head that leaks an erratic spray roughly equivalent to a scalding hot sneeze. On days like today, I’d usually sit […]

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The Killer San Francisco Itinerary

San Francisco is renowned for being one of the most liveable cities in America, and it has a respect for the arts and sustainable living that puts it on par with Europe’s most forward-thinking cultural hubs. There are so many exciting activities that the hardest part of putting together the killer itinerary is deciding what […]

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Last Day in Hollywood

On our last day in Hollywood we finished off the last few things on our LA bucket list. We tried to book rush tickets to see The Ellen Show tape live, but there was no chance. It’s a bummer, as we registered months in advance but they don’t accept anyone from outside the US unless […]

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Wary of crowds, we arrived at Disneyland when it opened. Partly thanks to their Fast Pass system (where you can be in line without standing in line), we found the queues quite manageable. Unsurprisingly, our favourite things at Disneyland were all in the new park – California Adventure. It seems aimed at an older demographic. […]

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On the Road

We left San Diego just after 4:00 (about three hours later than planned). The Californian mountains looked like enormous piles of boulders as we drove east for six hours, most of the way parallel with the Mexican border. To pass the time as we drive, Paul is reading aloud the classic American road trip novel, On […]

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The Emerald City

After we got back from Mexico, we headed to a place that felt like its polar opposite. The Hotel del Coronado is ridiculously opulent and has become part of American History for three really cool reasons [putting my trivia hat on]: Not only did L. Frank Baum say it was his inspiration for The Emerald […]

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