The Emerald City

After we got back from Mexico, we headed to a place that felt like its polar opposite.
The Hotel del Coronado is ridiculously opulent and has become part of American History for three really cool reasons [putting my trivia hat on]:
  1. Not only did L. Frank Baum say it was his inspiration for The Emerald City when he wrote The Wizard of Oz
  2. But it’s also the hotel from Some Like it Hot
  3. And if that doesn’t already make it interesting enough, if you’ve seen The King’s Speech, it’s also where the American Wallis Simpson met the future King of England, who gave up his throne for her.
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Sunset by the hotel was amazing.

After we left Coronado Island, we drove to Little Italy and had dinner at a cute little Pizzeria that had a gallery upstairs (where I found the image below).

We took the long way home, detouring through town to take in as much as possible, because San Diego is beautiful and we haven’t been able to see as much as we would have liked.

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