Cinque Terre:
My Favourite Place

Have you ever rewatched a movie you loved as a kid? It’s usually a mistake. The sets are cardboard; the acting wooden. Your bubble of joyous memories is deflated by the poorly-written, laborious reality. So, by that logic, is it a mistake for a traveller to revisit one of their favourite places? I was afraid to find […]

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My Favourite Place"

Taj Mahal:
Hide & Seek

The fog was so dense that – though I was assured I was standing right in front of the Taj Mahal – the invisible backdrop to my selfie could just has easily have been a bronze bust of Elton John. As my guide led me around, I tried to remember what it looked like from pictures I’d seen. […]

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Hide & Seek"

The Real Delhi

This is the photo that tourists are supposed to take of four hundred year-old Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi. Pretty, isn’t it? The more adventurous tourists will remove their shoes, rent a robe, and figure out how to climb one of the minarets. They’ll be rewarded with this photo. And they’ll see the city of Delhi […]

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