The White Cliffs of Zakynthos

Everyone knows Greeks are very proud of their flag, with its stripes of azure and white. I never made any connection between the color of the Greek flag and the nation of Greece, until I visited the tiny island of Zakynthos. An island where caves are filled with sparkling azure water. Where majestic white cliffs […]

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One Day in Rhodes

Rhodes is a bit of an anomaly in Greece. It’s got the largest continuously inhabited medieval old town in the world. In a nation that celebrates the Classical period, it’s quite a strange feeling to find yourself in the middle ages. The ruins are considerably less ruined because they’re so much younger. The city gates […]

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Santorini (in Photos)

Our three days in Santorini didn’t start so well. First, I discovered I’d booked the ferry for the wrong month. Had to happen eventually. Luckily there were still tickets for the correct one. Then, after we arrived, on the bus trip from the port to the main town of Fira, we hit a motorcyclist. Or […]

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Naxos: To Be Or To Do?

My parents aren’t really the arguing type. But if there’s one topic sure to fire them up, it’s how to spend a holiday. My Dad is a do-er. He wants each day to have a purpose. No matter where we are, he’ll fill up his time with excursions and activities. My Mum, on the other […]

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Athens: Modern Ruins?

For a city so dependent on tourism, I find it fascinating that Athens doesn’t have any attractions from the last few millennia. The Parthenon. The Erechtheum. Like most visitors to Athens, I found the Acropolis and the ancient Agora enchanting. They’re the only places where we encountered crowds, despite coming in August. The modern part […]

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