Santorini (in Photos)

Our three days in Santorini didn’t start so well. First, I discovered I’d booked the ferry for the wrong month. Had to happen eventually. Luckily there were still tickets for the correct one.
Then, after we arrived, on the bus trip from the port to the main town of Fira, we hit a motorcyclist. Or rather, he hit us. It was all rather dramatic. There was blood and a very damaged bus, but he was conscious and I’m pretty sure he would have recovered ok.
The bus post-motorcyclist.
After the rocky start, we kept waiting for something else to go wrong. These things are supposed to happen in threes. But Santorini must be enchanted or something.

I could repeat a thousand clich├ęs about the magic of the island (especially in the morning, when the streets are quiet and the shadows are long), but rather than say the same thing as countless others, I’ll let the images do the talking.

Oia, as seen from the ferry.


Oia by day.
The secret cocktail pool we were thrilled to get a map to!
Everyone turns up for sunset in Oia, and they’re silhouetted beautifully on the whitewashed walls.
Oia shortly before sunset.
First night sunset in Oia, from a restaurant.
The tiny fishing village of Amoudi, 300 steps below Oia.
A Santorini taxi fleet.
Second night sunset in Oia, from the lookout.
Possibly the most picturesque dinner view I’ve ever had.
Akrotiri, the archaeological site of the ancient Minoan town destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1600 BC.
Red Beach.
The cliffs by white beach, near where we swam through caves.
Final night sunset, from a restaurant in Fira.

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