A Tale of Two Cities
in Latin America

Habitual travellers are all-too familiar with the joyful challenge of planning a long weekend jaunt. The perfect destination has to be close enough that you won’t spend the whole time on the plane, interesting enough to warrant exploration, inexpensive enough to justify the extravagance of a short trip, – and ideally somewhere you haven’t been […]

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in Latin America"

5 Highlights of Cancún

Let’s face it, Cancún isn’t exactly known for its culture. On the scale from Abandoned Paradise to Crowded Tourist Trap, Cancún ranks just behind the Olive Garden in Times Square. Determined to find out whether the oyster had a pearl, I decided to spend a long weekend in Cancún.

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Welcome to Hotel Pennsylvania

The Amish have always struck me as somewhat of a fairy tale. The idea that an entire community would choose to freeze themselves in time strikes me as something from Oz, not modern America. The majority of Amish villages are in the lush farmlands of Pennsylvania, and that’s what drew me to visit the keystone state. […]

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A Weekend in Ireland

If your knowledge of the Emerald Isle consists mainly of Guinness and leprechauns, you need to check out Shamrocker Adventures’ Southern Rocker trip. In three packed days, you get the chance to discover why everyone says they love Ireland.For such a superstitious country, what better number than 13 for a list of things to check […]

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