Haere Ra

This afternoon at 3:10 we’ll take off to LA on QF25. Doesn’t feel real yet. I’m sitting in what used to be my living room, except it’s bare!

Yesterday was hard. Paul’s gran passed away the day before, so we got up at 4:00am to drop his family at the airport for the funeral. That was hard because not only is he missing the funeral, but his family won’t be at the airport to see us off. So that’s why we got up at 4am, so we could at least have an airport goodbye, even if it was in reverse.

Our Smartbox was delivered at 8, and it took until 3:30 to fill it. There are absolutely no spaces, no nooks or crannies! Like a massive puzzle. Then we started cleaning. That was a mission and a half! Luckily we had help from Hamish, Kat, Alix, Jordan, Mathieu and Laura (thanks guys).

So now we’re off. Predictably, Paul’s carry on bag weighs about a ton… some things don’t change.


Saying goodbye to Ben was hard.

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