Life Lesson #10 – Always Set Two Alarms

When we went to bed at 3:30am on our last night in Vegas we had big plans to get up early anyway. We wanted to make sure we had time to pack our pigsty before checkout at 11.

Helps if you take you phone off silent when you set your alarm. We woke at midday.

I ended up having to use the crap housekeeping as leverage to convince the hotel manager not to charge us for an extra night. Suddenly using the same towels for three days seemed worth it!

It takes five hours to drive to LA. We went via the Las Vegas sign, and another Premium Outlets mall.

The drive is all long stretches of desert.

We had planned all along to go to the Getty Center as soon as we arrived, to make use of their late night Saturday. After our late start, we ended up rocking up at 7:45 before even checking in to our motel, and had just over an hour to do the whole museum before it closed.

There’s an amazing view from the Getty.

It was way too cool to finish so quickly, so Paul went back today while I was doing dry-cleaning like a nice wee martyr.

We visited Venice Beach for sunset, pizza and Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. Bliss.
Sunset at Venice Beach

One thought on “Life Lesson #10 – Always Set Two Alarms

  1. You sleep in? No! This coming from the boy who has got his morning routine down to an 8 minute exercise just so he can sleep longer in the mornings and frequently falls asleep standing up in the shower!! hehehe 🙂 Am impressed (and jealous) of your shopping expeditions!! Love you xxx

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