Vegas: All Work and All Play

I left Vegas three years ago with a long list of things I’d missed, and no idea if I’d ever be back to tick them off. But this year, I unexpectedly got the chance. But there was an important catch: this was no leisure trip, but my first international work trip. Consequently, my colleague Sarah and I […]

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What happens in Vegas…

Las Vegas is exactly what it looks like in the movies. I wouldn’t wanna live there, but it was great fun for five nights. It’s probably the only place we visited that seemed better for having the Spring Break crowds. Though unfortunately that meant there weren’t any of the $25 hotel rooms Vegas is known […]

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The dramatic road to Vegas

After the drama with the car keys, it was 4:30 when we finally got on the road to Vegas. Paul read Walt Whitman aloud to pass the time. It was still snowing like crazy, which made driving scary but photos awesome. We passed an accident that had just happened, when a woman spun out of […]

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