Six Flags Magic Mountain

When I came to LA in 2006, my one regret was that we didn’t make it to Six Flags. It’s a bit of a drive, and we didn’t have a car. So this time, there was no way I’d leave without getting there! Six Flags has more roller coasters than any other theme park in the world. All of them break some record or another – it might be the most extreme theme park in the world.

At sunset, when we were leaving the park
The highlight was definitely X2 – the world’s only 5 dimensional rollercoaster, where you spin around in every possible direction. Losing my shoe and then catching it when we spun back around was one of the weirdest, coolest, experiences of my life! There’s an awesome youtube clip in the post before this one.

We took a sneaky video on one of the rides: The Scream (and you can hear Paul doing exactly that). He chickened out of doing Scream a second time because his glasses were coming off, so I ended up sitting next to teenage girls. My eardrums appreciated it, because the girls didn’t scream half as much as he had! I promised to mention, though, that he didn’t scream at all on X2. (THAT’s how insane it is!)

Other hair raising rides we couldn’t snap on film included

  • Tatsu (a hanging one where your chair swivels up so the rail is behind you and you feel like you’re flying)
  • Goliath (where the drop continues way underground)
  • Riddler’s Revenge (the tallest and fastest standing-up coaster in the world)
  • Apocalypse (a new one built in the style of an old school woodie)
  • Viper
  • Ninja
  • and Revolution.

When my brother came back to LA, he only got to do four coasters here because there were 2-3 hour queues on everything. So, Paul and I decided to shell out a crazy amount to buy Platinum Flash Passes, which means we got to cut 90% off the wait time, and then ride a second time too! Definitely recommend it. We only just managed to do everything before the park closed, even though we had almost no wait for anything.

When we left Six Flags, we drove an hour to Azusa to catch up with our Kiwi friend Monique who moved there at the end of ’09. It was really great to catch up on all the gossip, and she took us to her favourite Thai restaurant too which was delish.

With Monique at Thai


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