Life Lesson #43 – Mad Dash

You can call me Usain. This is me. For real. When you fly Ryanair on a non-EU passport, you have to get a visa-check stamp when you arrive at the airport, before going through security. Every other airline does it just before you board. This means that if you’re silly enough to forget to get […]

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Life Lesson #33 – Delayed Off

Navigating the backstreets of a Spanish island in a manual hatchback with no map should be a recipe for disaster. I was perplexed to rock up at the terminal hours early without so much as a missed turnoff. There was that gnawing feeling that something was about to go wrong. EZ8634 – DELAYED. They put […]

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I broke my own rule today. I often talk about how I never cry, but today I couldn’t help myself. I’m sitting in the departure lounge in Auckland right now hoping this wasn’t a mistake… it’s meant to be the time of my life, but today it’s feeling more bitter than sweet. Here’s hoping I […]

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