ANZAC in York

Our accommodation in Bradford was amazing. We think it’s because nobody really goes there… otherwise it would have been way above our price range!
Yep, that’s where we stayed.
When we were ready to leave Bradford, we hopped back into the dreaded manual and headed to another address Paul’s granny had lived at. Unfortunately we had trouble finding it, but we got to see some cute little Yorkshire villages along the way.
The dreaded manual.

York is meant to be one of the coolest cities in England, so we decided to go an hour or two out of our way to spend the last day of our roadtrip there. We weren’t disappointed – it’s a great little Medieval city, where you can see the former perimeter of the thousand year old castle.

It’s home to Yorkminster, the cathedral Lonely Planet calls the best in the UK.
All the houses and shops look straight out of the middle ages.
One of the former entrances to the castle still stands over the road. It still has spiky gates too.

One of my favourite things after our afternoon in York was the parking officers. We were more than an hour late back to the car, and rocked up right as a guy in a funny hat was scribbling down our details. I smiled sweetly and told him we had gotten carried away because York was so beautiful. He smiled and said “orrite, orrite, yer on yur whey thun”, or something to that effect. Naturally, I stalled when we tried to drive away.

All through the English countryside there are these yellow fields. I don’t know what they are, but I loved driving past them.

Almost halfway home from York is Nottingham. Our trusted Lonely Planet told us the oldest Inn/Pub in England was here, and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem really was worth a visit! The back of it is cut into the stone hill behind it, which is below the castle. It’s famous because the crusaders stopped here on the way to maraud and pillage the east. It was established in 1189. Kind of a bizarre feeling being in a place with so much history. I wonder if Robin Hood ever dropped in for a pint?

We couldn’t afford to eat as well as drink, so on the drive back to London we munched on some ANZAC biscuits I had managed to find. It was a nice reminder of home.


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  1. The yellow fields are the biofuel crop of rapeseed 🙂 Everywhere in Europe now, especially france. That York cathedral looks awesome, gutted didn’t get to see it. Good to hear you’re finally learning how to drive a manual 😉 ha!

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