Istanbul in Two Days (part 2)

I had a dilemma back in June. How can you possibly explore a city as vast, as cosmopolitan and as interesting as Istanbul in just a day?I decided you couldn’t. So I didn’t try to. I was fortunate enough to know I was coming back for another day a few months later. So I ticked […]

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Ottoman Trek: Istanbul

Where East meets West. That’s what I’d heard about Istanbul. Knowing it was a heavily Muslim city, I pictured it exactly like Marrakesh, with snake charmers in the public square, Eastern architecture, and calls to prayer over loudspeaker a few times a day. When we first arrived, part of me was a little disappointed: what […]

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Ottoman Trek: Preview

Almost a year ago, I embarked on the birthday trip of a lifetime overland from the south of France to the place I’d always dreamed of visiting: Dubrovnik, Croatia. The image that had me going gaga for Dubrovnik a year ago Tomorrow, just before my next birthday, Busabout and Flight Centre UK have given me […]

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