Ottoman Trek: Preview

Almost a year ago, I embarked on the birthday trip of a lifetime overland from the south of France to the place I’d always dreamed of visiting: Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The image that had me going gaga for Dubrovnik a year ago
Tomorrow, just before my next birthday, Busabout and Flight Centre UK have given me the opportunity to continue this trip east: from Split, Croatia to Istanbul, Turkey on Busabout’s Ottoman Trek.The itinerary is mouthwatering (have a look here).

I’m most excited about Sarajevo because I think it’s the most historically important city of the 20th century, given Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination there sparked WWI, which set off the dominoes that started WWII. Not to mention the horrific war of the 90s.

On the other stops, I’m craving those unexpected experiences that can come from discovering places you knew little about before leaving. Bulgaria is somewhere I’d never given much thought before booking this trek, so I have no idea what to expect there. And I hear Mostar is a little gem too…

The famous bridge in Mostar, Bosnia
And to round the trek off in Turkey sounds too perfect to be true. I’ve been promised it’s possible to nip down to Gallipoli the day after arriving in Istanbul, which is definitely high on the agenda for this antipodean.Plus, because I’m used to booking these trips myself, I’m looking forward to the camaraderie and reduced stress that comes from travelling with a group.

Some of my highlights from the trek will also be published on Flight Centre UK’s blog. I’ll link to them after they’re posted.

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