ANZAC in York

Our accommodation in Bradford was amazing. We think it’s because nobody really goes there… otherwise it would have been way above our price range! Yep, that’s where we stayed. When we were ready to leave Bradford, we hopped back into the dreaded manual and headed to another address Paul’s granny had lived at. Unfortunately we had trouble […]

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Easter at the Lakes

The main point of our trip to the Lakes was a nice walk. And, for once, almost everything went to plan! The weather was spectacular, and the 6km walk was amazing (thanks to the walk guidebook Paul had bought in Ambleside the night before). The walk starts over mountains… …continues into a wood… …and comes […]

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Life Lesson #20 – Fire

Today I learned that you should always take signs seriously. Even ones that seem silly. Say, for example, there’s a sign by the bathroom in your hotel advising you to always keep the door shut when showering or the fire alarm will go off. You should never see such a sign and think to yourself […]

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Onwards and Northwards

Our hostel in Manchester is in Castlefield, which is a really cool area right by the canal. Manchester somehow manages to pull off being an industrial graveyard and still be charming. We walked through the city to the Art Gallery in the morning and loved seeing all the train bridges and other signs of the […]

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Manchester in a Manual

Today, I drove a manual and survived. It was very successful. I was honked at less than 15 times, and both times we got lost we found our way again in less than 45 minutes. The whole trip took only twice as long as it was meant to, and I only stalled on two roundabouts. […]

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