Life Lesson #20 – Fire

Today I learned that you should always take signs seriously. Even ones that seem silly. Say, for example, there’s a sign by the bathroom in your hotel advising you to always keep the door shut when showering or the fire alarm will go off.

You should never see such a sign and think to yourself “I bet it wouldn’t”, “well that’s a crappy fire alarm then” or “there’s not much steam anyway”.

Because if you do ignore such a sign, the fire alarm probably will go off just to spite you. The entire hotel will be filled with blaring sirens for five minutes, while you try to hastily pack your things and make a sneaky exit.

And when the steam begins to clear, the siren won’t just stop. It will instead belch for half an hour like a homage to the van in Little Miss Sunshine.

If this does happen to you, take the back exit and run.

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