Life Lesson #21 – Not an Asset to the Abbey

Today I learned that Alzheimer’s can come on early.
At the Lakes, most people stay in Windermere. We didn’t, we stayed in Barrow. It’s about as exciting as the name sounds (nearly as good as Palmerston North!), and well over an hour away from Windermere. Which basically means staying there cost us two and a half hours driving in a manual. Now that’s rough!
But the main reason we did it was to go to the Furness Abbey. This place is meant to be amazing. Like, could-only-be-better-if-Maria-was-there amazing. We made plans to visit first thing after checking out, while the weather was still awesome.
When we got in the car we were still psyched out about the whole fire alarm thing. I asked Paul to direct me to the Abbey, because I’m still sketchy in a manual. About forty minutes later we’re happily driving along, almost in Windermere, when we both realise we forgot to go to the abbey. 
We have no idea how it happened. But it meant we drove 2.5 hours to the most boring part of England for absolutely no reason. #$@%!!

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